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Time to enjoy making creative people seing their characters coming real! Yes, It is commissions time.


Cleaning my mac, something I do every 3 to 4 years, is never an easy task, normal to say, couldn't reinstall OS, gladly found a guy on youtube with the right guide to fix it. After several hours reformating, recovering and sweating, my imac is back to normal! To celebrate and calibrate, I modeled a new 3D background, please take a look.


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Challenging times, finding the right paper to get the best color, feel and brightness to my posters is like an Indiana Jones thing now. After finding the right one, turns out shipping costs twice the paper value! No panic, I'm figuring this out.

It has been good days and bad days learning how to scan my originals again, not too bad as I was expecting let me tell you, soon, you'll get wonderful images to enjoy! Getting the right amount of ink, switching to CMYK, right resolution, oh man, oh man! I'm becoming a printer technician now!! You can find all mi art available for sale right here on my store! Just click the image below.

Don't go to far, the time to enjoy my unique masterpieces is coming! You don't want to miss it, right?


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